Latvia is located in a place on the world map where snow is not a natural disaster, but a completely normal phenomenon, which is why more and more people are looking for more comfortable means of transport. We have them – powerful and comfortable, singleseated and doubles, for work, sport and pleasure – and most importantly, they will last long!

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Hunters, fishermen, speed lovers, winter fun and nature lovers – you can all benefit from a snowmobile. No more trudging through deep snow to feed the wild animals, no more carrying fishing rods and big catches – strap on your sledge, sit on top and go!

Lack of adrenaline? Choose a sport snowmobile and tackle snow-covered meadows and hills! Blizzarded and no grader to visit your corner? No problem! You want to make this winter and the winters to come unforgettable for your children – choose a snowmobile to take not only yourself but also your family out! The snowmobile will take you wherever you want to go!

Snowmobiles don’t need a roadworthiness test or road tax – just register it with CSDD and go for a ride! Snowmobiles come in two engine types: 2-stroke and 4-stroke, with air or water cooling, larger and smaller engine cubic meters and horsepower. For those of you who are familiar to the technology, it’s all very clear. For those of you who are new to the technology, we’ll help you get to grips with it.

It’s important to remember that a SNOW MOTORCYCLE is made for SNOW, not ice, water or mud roads. If you drive in the snow, your bike will be grateful and last a long time. Always make sure your snowmobile is in running order. Safety precautions – helmets, suitable clothing – should also be remembered. Also remember that it is not only dangerous but also forbidden to drive a snowmobile under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, just like any other vehicle!